A new design tool to show, not tell, your design feedback.
The newest from Jam.dev: a network of on-demand experts to help you build a better website. Plus, a sneak peek at what the community is building with…
A new Jira integration to report bugs without disrupting your workflow.
You shouldn't spend hours on screenshots to give great design feedback.
Update your website copy without emails and meetings.
Now you can make copy changes by yourself right from your website to the source code.
Today we’re launching Jam Wand on ProductHunt. A magic wand for making changes on your website, starting with copy.Β 
Leave design feedback from anywhere, like sticky notes for the web :)
Comment and leave to-dos anywhere on the web.
That way, you can get awesome product out the door in record time ;)
That means 20x faster design reviews - even across different device types.